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 Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1

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PostSubject: Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1   Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 6:29 am


Rocksteady boss Sefton Hill on the sequel to a masterpiece... Much just like Bruce Wayne's morally impenetrable alter-ego, it was fearless, muscular... and immaculate. The BAFTA-winning Batman: Arkham Asylum sole-handedly set new standards; not limited to licensed video games, but for 3 rd-person action games in general. Also viewed through the applause-slaying prism of intolerant fandom, it was a new supremely class act.

So how do we know Brit hero Rocksteady isn't gonna 'Citizen Kane' it? Surely you can not follow perfection with anything other compared to unfulfillment?

Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 1

Not if you see weaknesses where everybody else sees none. Rocksteady believes it's built a even larger, better Batman world with follow-up Arkham: City - without losing any of the original game's magic. Early impressions have remaining us inclined to agree.

This month's Official PlayStation Magazine certainly adds weight to Rocksteady's boasts - and how. Its exclusive, 14-page behind-the-scenes look for the game shows some jaw-dropping environments - containing a demurely mischievous Catwoman, a playfully evil Harley Quinn; and a seriously pissed Baseball bats. It's a bit of a must buy.

Rocksteady's acquisition by Warner Bros earlier this year allowed the game-maker unrestricted entry to the entertainment giant's sacred Batman canon - and it appears to have full advantage. Here, Rocksteady boss Sefton Hill gives a heartfelt understanding of what we can expect from the gargantuan Arkham City - and simply how much care and painstaking attention the studio has invested the new game.

Frankly, it's hard not to walk away panting like Catwoman within a Felix factory. Enjoy: On choosing Arkham City's new characters...

The figures that are featured in the game are purely driven by the tale. That's where we always start because we only want to contain characters that make sense and help develop the atmosphere, plot as well as characterisation.

After that we chose the characters who we felt might have the most interesting time inside Arkham City. How would these several characters react to being locked up inside these walls?

Of lessons, with such a tremendous rouge's gallery to choose from, we actually are spoilt for choice. The opportunity to bring so many special personas into the Arkhamverse, to breath life into these characters within this walls of Arkham City was a genuine privilege for us.

Within the games that influenced Arkham City...


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 2

Like every game studio, everyone at Rocksteady is a committed gamer, and as a team we many play very different games and are influenced in different ways. Having said that, I personally always try to just enjoy other games and not around analyse them. If you want to create something new and new I think it is better to do it without following others and sometimes it means you make more mistakes along the way.

It is the react of trying and overcoming issues yourself which creates a more original game because it invariably requires you to come up with unique solutions.

When it comes to design ideas we do, of course, have an unfair advantage! The back catalogue of Batman comic courses and graphic novels is an incredibly valuable archive for us and that we prefer to focus on the many decades of great comic publication work in there and take inspiration from stand-out moments from the inside Batman's world rather than anywhere else.

On the motion capture approach...

Our motion capture process has developed significantly since Batman: Arkham Psychiatric hospital. Firstly, Rocksteady made the decision to build a custom, dedicated mocap wing to the studio. The new mocap studio has everything that we need for great capture and has space for a full armoury of weapons, crash mats and a load of other props. We also overhauled the entire motion capture pipeline so that any of us can grab even more of the subtle movement of our stars. On Arkham City's musical score...


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 3


The intelligent use of music and also audio is a very powerful tool in creating a genuine perception of immersion in a game world. The musical score is an important component of our game and our Audio Director, Nick Arundel, still does some incredible work in composing a score that is both special to the Arkham series, but is also laced with those personal orchestral Batman riffs that evoke the power and righteous menace with the Dark Knight. There is a lot of thought and planning in which goes into creating those stand-out, highly immersive cinematic moments for any player and, as with most elements of the game, it is only possible to achieve via collaboration between many different people in the particular studio bringing together creation vision and technical execution. The key in order to generating a genuine sense of immersion in the game lies the way that the score is linked into the action of the person.

Our score is designed and composed with player immersion and effectiveness at its heart. The score is broken down into thousands connected with component parts, which are then played depending on the actions on the player.

The Invisible Predator encounters are a great example of this specific; when the player first enters the room, the music sits for a certain level, but when they take down their first thug the music activity steps up to build the tension. If they are discovered, the background music will jump to a different track and if they are dismissed upon, a different track entirely will play. All of these conclusions are made with player immersion in mind.

It is simply some sort of privilege to work on a Batman game. We have a great deal of creative flexibility to tell our own stories and create intriguing and compelling challenges for Batman. All of that work is built on the incredibly solid foundations that DC Comics has built over decades with fantastic story telling. We are always pushing to innovate and bring in new and unexpected experiences for the player. On going bigger along with bolder than Arkham Asylum...



Without a doubt, the hardest part connected with moving the game setting from the confines of the asylum into the urban sprawl of Arkham City was simply building the environment. Our objective in this game is not to make the biggest sport we can, but to make the best game possible. Gamers that played Batman: Arkham Asylum will know how dedicated we are to be a studio to injecting an incredible amount of detail into every environment we build.

It is this attention to detail that gives each of our games the deep and intense atmosphere that so many players have discovered so compelling, and so we have had to seriously scale upwards our art team in order to bring the same level involving detail to Arkham City, which is about 4-5 times bigger than Arkham Asylum. In terms of gameplay, we knew very early on that just scaling up Batman's abilities and gadgets wasn't going to work as he is fundamentally facing a new game world and totally unique range of enemies in this game, so we took his go set from Batman: Arkham Asylum and built from there.


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 4

Looking on the raw amount of animations in this sequel, Batman's moves have two-fold in number and we also wanted to create an authentic sensation of continuity from the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum, so the player will begin Batman: Arkham City with many of the same center gadgets that they unlocked in the first game. Batman's cutting-edge technology is a significant part of the game, so avid gamers can expect to see a range of totally new gadgets, in addition to evolved new features built into those tools that they already relished in Batman: Arkham Asylum.


The New Detective Vision Detailed:

Batman's biggest gadget gets an overhaul Batman's detective vision has been given several enhancements for his outing in Arkham City. Game Director Sefton Incline has revealed a couple of key new upgrades - which make clearing up The Riddler's pesky puzzles a little easier for Gotham's Dark Knight.

"As with nearly every area of the game we're enhancing this. One example is the criminal database coupled with the new question mechanic," he told the new issue of PSM3. "The Riddler continues to taunt the Dark Knight with mind-bending puzzles and exploration challenges, but the location of his biggest secrets are known only to be able to him and people he's told. Rather than unlocking their locations making use of maps, Batman will be able to scan a gang of thugs to find a potential informant.

" Hill also discussed the interplay between the different mechanics - saying that using Batman's FreeFlow combat whilst trying to spare a single goon for interrogation may present challenging.

"This is the guy you need to question, but first you will need to take down all the other gang members while sparing the a person you want. That can be tough when Batman's in a unlined FreeFlow combo chain" said Hill. Rocksteady has said Arkham City is actually reportedly 'complete' and playable from start to finish. The first half hour of the game ( Spoilers ) The demo begins with Batman perched on top of a building overlooking Gotham's prison city as a light sprinkling regarding snow falls in the night roaming gangs of inmates wreak chaos below.


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 5

His communicator crackles to life. "Where is she, Alfred?" Batman asks. "Miss Kyle was last seen in the vicinity of this Solomon Wayne Courthouse," Replies his faithful butler. "That's where Two-Facial area has been setting up camp." "Let's hope she is still without trouble when you find her. Mr, Dent's fascination with the number a couple could prove fatal to Catwoman." Batman takes a flying leap off the ledge, dive-bombing head first toward the streets below at a rising speed. At the last moment, he spreads his cape and swoops back up into the sky. Soaring smoothy through the evening air, Batman spots the courthouse in the far distance. He fire his grappling gun to the nearest skyscraper and used the draw from the retracting rope to slingshot himself higher.

Batman proceeds with heading to the courthouse when he stumbles across a bunch associated with Arkham City Outcasts - criminals who aren't overly connected to any a person super-villain - roughing up a political prisoner. A quick scan using the updated Detective Mode matches the faces to a database of criminals and reveals that one of the goons is a Riddler informant. The challenge then is to rough up the rest of everyone else, leaving the informant until last so that he can be accurately interrogated - something that’s made easier by the fact he continues to be highlighted when you switch out of the vision mode. Dodging his attacks and taking out the surrounding goons leaves you one on a single with The Riddler’s informant. A quick tap of Y along with Batman grabs him by the scruff of the neck and allows him to talk.

“The Riddler, What’s he up to?!” Batman demands with a bit of persuasion as he dangles the enemy off a rooftop ledge.

"Oh crap, okay, okay! I just help him or her out, we give him info and he doesn't put us with those crazy machines of his!"

"It's been a pleasure," Batman growls.


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 6

After incapacitating the helpful gentleman with a crunching headbutt, it’s revealed the political prisoner is none other than Jack Ryder. Ends up, while gathering info for his expose story on Arkham City this individual got a bit too close to close to the truth. Resulting in a forceful transportation to the facility.

Anyway, back to Catwoman! On planned arrival to the courthouse, Two Face is holding mock trial of Catwoman in front of a baying crowd of criminals. He strides around the stage, with the two conflicting sides of his persona conversing out loud, while she’s tied upside down and dangling over a vat of bubbling green acid. The Dent side connected with Two-Face’s personality seems intent on a fair trail, whereas the disfigured side is keen to have her dunked.

“The best way to get by this place is to get ourselves some admiration," says Two-Face more sensible side, all that remains of former district attorney Harvey Dent.

"Fear, that's how we get respect. Suggest to them all how we do things," replies his twisted and disfigured area in a noticeably more sinister voice.

"We should be fair, however. This is a place of justice after all. “Screw Justice. Destroy her and they'll all fear us. Bring out the defendant."

"You know how to keep a girl hanging, Harv."

Catwoman says. "Hi there have you had some work done?

" Two-Face strikes her throughout the face. "

That's for spying on us. No one spies on us." He threatens.

"I'm sorry. I've been a bad kitty," she teases.

"Untie me and I'll make it up to you."

"Let's wait and watch if the coin thinks you are telling the truth," Two-Confront snarls. "This court is now in session."


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 7

As the cutscene reaches a close, Batman scans the area with his blue-tinged private investigator vision and notices a single armed guard above his position. He or she grapples to a platform behind the enemy and, instead of immediately dangling from the ledge like before, Batman now has the option to instantly flip up into a roll that maintains his forward push. He pops out of the roll right behind the armed guard and initiates a chokehold. Like Gears of War's reload mechanic, avid gamers can now hit the attack button again at just the right time to bring down enemies faster.

A wire scratches above the landscape, and Batman creeps along it to get a better vantage stage. He scans the inmates and finds one with a knife trying to find disarming. With a simple button press, Batman snatches his grapple land to the wire, jumps off, and goes into a swing conquer that knocks the guy across the room like a golf ball. Batman lands in the middle of the audience. Several goons disappear in terror, but plenty stick around for the beating.

Batman vaults over the closest one, casually spraying some explosive gel on his / her back in the process. Two enemies swing at him in quick succession and Batman palms both fists, a crushing their hands till they're left writing on the floor. As he wails away on another foe, a new group fills in behind him. Batman bidding a colony of bats to the scene to disorient and anxiety his attackers. Two-Face fires a pistol intermittently , forcing Batman to perform a series of gymnastic dodges. After the bats have moved on, Batman pulls out a detonator and hits the switch. The previously put gel blasts several enemies. The last two inmates get desperate.

One picks up a char and chucks it at Batman. Just if it is about to crack him in the head, Batman reaches up along with catches it, instantly throwing it back. One left. Batman Simply tosses him in the air and finishes him with a swift cease to the back that sends him flying into a wall. Certainly, this finisher is presented in glorious slow motion.

With all of his goons out of commission, Two-Face makes one final play."Objection,"he says before shooting Batman.


With this nuisance out of your picture, Two-Face turns to his prey. "Heads or tails pet cat?"

"Which one ends with me getting out of here well?" she asks.

Two-Face flips the coin and the scarred section lands facing up. "Not this one. Time to die."

"I vote to get a stay of execution,"

Catwoman says as she claws the ropes off of her wrist and slashes him in the face. Two-Face recoils in pain, clutching his eyes and cursing at her. Catwoman frees her legs and gets right side up. A grappler fires from out of nowhere at Two-Face and soon adequate he's dangling above the acid.

"I thought it was only cats whom had nine lives," Catwoman teases as Batman walks into view. "Anyone ever tell you that you're full of surprises?"

"figured you needs my help, Selina," He replies. "You're right. I think I chipped a nail bed back there."


"So what do you need, Mr. Detective? I'm guessing it's something to do with our friend here and how he fits into what Professor Strange has got cooking."

"What do you know, Selina?"

"Not much. No one knows anything about the mystery man. It's like he never existed before Sharp hired. But there is probably something going on with him and Joker."

"That's not what I want to hear."

"It gets worse. The clown has a plan to eradicate Gotham and take you out at the same time. You should get out of here. Leave Joker. He'll be dead soon."

"I are unable to. He's even more dangerous when backed into a corner." As in the event that on cue, a glowing green laser dot traces its way upwards Catwoman's snug yet tactical suit. Next we see her in a crosshairs and hear a familiar voice. "Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. View me kill your favorite cat." Joker's disembodied voice tries to sprang leaks into his trademark maniacal laughter but he's cut short by a new violent coughing fit, a symptom of some mysterious illness.

"The ex-district attorney here said something about..." Catwoman says before Batman pulls her straight of Joker's bullet.

"What the hell?"

"You're not safe here. We're not," Batman wars as he presses her against a wall.

"Nine day-to-day lives, remember?" Catwoman quips as she cracks her whip up into your rafters of the courthouse, pulls herself up, and sneaks off in the night.


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 8

Batman’s upgraded Detective Vision is now used again, however you tasked with finding the bullet hole in the floor after which it made to work out where it entered the courthouse, determining your trajectory that’ll reveal where the shot was fired from. When you’ve spotted both holes, a line is plotted between them which leads to a bell tower a considerable distance across the city.

Exploring the Courthouse a littler further reveals a character locked in a cell within the basement. It’s one of the lesser-known bad guys in the Batman universe, Calendar Man. A quick conversation with your prisoner reveals that the date of your system determines his reply. Further investigating around the area reveals a Riddler trophy within your cell. A quick toss of a batarang towards the control cell splits the electricity cables to open the cell it’s locked in.


As you make your way towards the medical facility Batman destinations another puzzle. As he makes his way closer to the Riddler Trophy a mechanical structure fixates itself around it leaving the particular you to figure out how to get at it. As Superman moves away from the trophy the system closes and leaves this open again, you are then able to use your trusty Cricket bat Claw to quickly latch on send it speeding back towards an individual thus obtaining your second trophy. Down below on the surface of your city a ringing pay-phone attracts a group of terrified Outcasts. A rumor has traveled around claiming that anyone that advice the phone ends up dead. "You're all going down," Batman intends. "It's Batman! Get out of here!" a prisoner shouts as a thugs scatter off into the distance. Answering reveals the mysterious caller is Victor Zasz, if you proceed in answering each phone in the city, you’ll eventually encounter him and play out a little plot arc.

But the Medical Center where the sniper was holed up is priority number one. On entering the building Batman comes face to face with a familiar face, "Coming through B-man!" shouts Harley Quinn as she charges towards him that has a series of handsprings and flips. Much like the last time Joker's girl tried this in Arkham Asylum, Batman sidesteps her attack and tosses her aside.

"Let the lady go, batfreak, or a doctors all get a bullet in their head," warns one of the numerous machine gun-touting Joker members. The church has become a make-do triage center that humanitarian aid workers have convicted Strange to enable within the prison.

"I think you should do what he says. It would be a shame to get blood all over my personal nice new outfit," she says.after a small pep talk the woman quickly makes an escape leaving Bat’s to fight out in opposition to her thug defense force.

“What are you nervous for?” one of these asks. “It’s not like Batman’s famous for escaping cases like this.”

“What do you think he’s going to accomplish? Use a smoke bomb to cover his escape, then punch everyone in the face?” he jokes

“I’ve changed my mind. Shoot the pup!”

After a brief argument about whether they should, and whether that they’re going to shoot on three, or after three, we drop our smoke bomb and grapple into the rafters. The thugs scattering and grab hostages, prompting the first predator style gameplay part with the game. Once you cleared the area, it’s a simple activity to grapple up to the top of the bell tower.

Batman pulls himself up into the highest chamber, which contains a sniper rifle with a transmitter attached and a large stockpile of clown-themed explosives. Instead of getting the hell out of there just like a rational person, Batman pulls out a new gadget called the transmitted analyzer to track the location of Joker's transmissions. Once Batman receives a lock on Joker's signal, a static-laced message plays out. "I've waited a long time for this, Bats. Let's start the actual party with a bang. Hahahahaha! 5, 4, 3...

"There's no the perfect time to climb back down the tower. With a quick press of submit, Batman smashes through the nearest window and the camera cuts outdoors to the Arkham City skyline. His dark silhouette narrowly escapes this violent tower explosion. Plummeting to the ground below, Batman spreads his or her cape and soars upward towards the screen, enveloping everything into the dark.


New Villain Confirmed : ( Falcone )


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 Batman-arkham


No Playable Vehicles in Batman: Arkham City

The Dark Knight is keeping the Batmobile and all of her other bat-themed vehicles in the Bat Cave for Rocksteady's expected Caped Crusader sequel, Arkham City. The developer confirmed the news inside a recent interview and said players will instead enjoy controlling an enhanced version of the "ultimate vehicle:" Batman himself.

Speaking with UK video game magazine GamesTM, Arkham City Director Sefton Hill squashed fanboy hopes when asked whether the Batmobile would make its way into the online game.

"There aren't any playable vehicles in the game," Hill told GamesTM. "What we've really focused on is Batman himself. We notice him as the ultimate vehicle."

In past interviews, Rocksteady revealed of which Arkham City will be roughly five times the size of this playground in Arkham Asylum -- news that immediately led to speculation regarding playable vehicles. Now that that question has been answered, on to a higher one: will Batman's sidekick, Robin, be in the game?

Robin can be a "interesting and exciting" character, Hill said, neither confirming or denying the Boy Wonder will be making an appearance.


New info

Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 L5NW3

Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill sits down with the guys from GamesTM and discusses boss battles, vehicles and a certain side-kick.

“If we started out on Arkham Asylum, our two real touchstones were to generate a game that was as authentic as possible, and also a online game that was great fun to, and to combine these two factors. And out priorities are the same for Arkham City”

“Every selection we make here is based around Batman, and what Batman would certainly do in the situation: does the game totally reflect who Superman is? Also, coming in to Arkham City, we wanted to make the same step up that we made with Arkham Asylum. We needed to challenge ourselves. Internally, we wanted to make that same step upward again, and the big thing we wanted improve really was this wish-fulfillment of being Batman on the streets of Gotham. How does it feel to glide through the streets of Gotham, taking in supervillains? That’s the thing that got us excited.”

“As a studio we’re not really driven by doing technology for this sake of it. We are a gameplay studio, so our 1st goal was always to ask how we can release a improved Batman game. It’s always about our desire to make an even better Batman experience.”

Sefton Hill on vehicles

“This is a funny one. There aren’t any playable vehicles in the game because might know about’ve really focused on is Batman himself. We see him as the ultimate vehicles, if you like. Our drive has been to give attention to Batman’s ability to get around. Obviously, you’re now in the much more expansive play area than you were in the primary game, so a part of our development has been expanding Batman’s navigational abilities, adding different ways to glide around, new ideas and applications the grapple-boost from the top of buildings. That’s been recently a massive part of development, to give wish-fulfillment of sensation what it’s like to be Batman inside the district of Gotham City. Our focus was to expand Batman as a identity rather than give you lots of different vehicles to go around.”

Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 15


Sefton Hill on combat “We’re not trying to completely bring up to date the system because we had a lot of positive feedback by people who played the first game, and something that we wanted to do was create a system that was easy for people to get into but still had that depth to it. We wanted to extend and build upon that system, and make the second iteration of Freeflow rather than make a complete new combat system. So it will definitely be building on the sold structure that’s already at this time there.”

“We’re adding a whole load of new moves for Batman. We have beatdown, which is the ability to do a quick, focussed attack on an enemy without knocking him down; we have environment counters where you can smash enemies into walls; we have combo counters where enemies can attack multiple times in one video, multiple enemies can attack at once and you can take all of them down; you can do aerial attacks where you flip up away enemies into other enemies; you can do projectile counters where people parry thrown objects back at enemies. So we’re really expanding the number of moves that the player can do, but nevertheless building on the core system of ‘strike, counter, stun, evade’ we had in the first game. As well as that, we’re allowing the player to combo in all their gadgets. Something most people didn't do completely in the first game was to totally assimilate the different gadgets that you have into the Freeflow system.”


Bathman Arkham City Thread All info 13 June Updates Part 1 14

Sefton Hill on factions “The different criminal factions are really intriguing. When all of these people escaped from Arkham Asylum, you would think that it would leave to chaos, but what actually taken place was that order formed as the Joker managed to recruit several inmates to follow him. It’s the same with Two Experience and other characters within Arkham City. So the way it is appropriate primarily is the that all these people will be working to back up their own boss and their own criminal supervillain that leads these individuals. But the player’s actions in the main story events will certainly affect that. You’ll definitely see Batman and the player’ohydrates actions really affect Arkham City, and the structure and hierarchy with the gangs. That;s something that we though was really important.” Sefton Hill on side-quests “One of the key things most people wanted to do more of was the idea of taking with optional side-stories as you play through the game. That;ohydrates a big new element of Arkham City, that while you do have the main narrative you also have these optional side-quests which usually feature different villains who have been locked up inside Arkham Area. We tell their story, how they got there and how Superman interacts with the. How different people - for example Zsasz - how could he react when locked up here, and how Batman would interact with him? You can jump into those quests if you want for more information about the world, as well as earn extra XP and improve rewards when doing so.” Sefton Hill on Villains “We’re truly spoilt. We’re the cliched kid in the candy shop seeing as there are so many great villains to choose from. But the story as well as characters are so important to us, that instead of picking bad guys we want to put in simply because we like them, we all’re asking ourselves what is the best and most interesting narrative we can tell, and we’re picking villains who can obstacle Batman and give the best dramatic beats for that story. Icapital t’s a great position to be in because we’ve became such a great Rogues’ Gallery, and that’s why we’ray no introducing our own characters. Once we’d got a tale and framework in place, we look at which villains can problem Batman based around that story.” “We are making the game pertaining to Batman fans, but also as a great introduction to Batman for all people who aren’t familiar with every aspect of the whole world. We always provide the bios for every character and, when all of us introduce them, we always make sure that the player understands who they are, what motivates and differentiates them. That’s something that we’re also always very mindful of, and we do a lot of assessment just in case. We’re not just throwing a lot connected with faces at the player without them understanding who they are. Many people motivation behind these characters is so important to is that many of us’ll always spend a lot of time focusing on those features. We’re not just trying to squeeze as many characters once we can into the game; we’re picking the ones that will inform the best story. Each of those characters will be there to get a reason.” Sefton Hill on boss battles “Boss battles were interesting inside Arkham Asylum. They were started quite late in development, so first thing we wanted to do for Arkham City was to start these folks really early in production. Our focus this time is that these villains is going to try and challenge Batman in the way that they’re strongest. Batman is a great all-rounder, but these people are going to use what it is that makes them special, and employ those abilities to take Batman down. So the main thing concerning how we’re going to develop these, in terms of development, is that we’re spending a much greater proportion of your time on them. We’ve got some great boss fights lined up and some really surprising ones too.” “Since everyone's inside Arkham City is technically already incarcerated, Batman can’t really arrest people and also lock them up. So that creates an interesting dynamic between Batman and the villains. There are some friendly people there that a person’ll have to help, such as the triage group that;s in there offering medical support to people, but at the exact time there are also people in there who have their individual agenda, and there are some fragile alliances that Batman will should form in order to get through the night and survive. There'll be some people in there whose objectives might temporarily line up with those of Batman,, so I think there’s an interesting dynamic right now there.”

Sefton Hill on Robin

“Yeah, I think you definitely can. There’vertisements a checkered past for him, but I really feel that some with the latest iterations of the character in the comic book universe are actually interesting and exciting. I don’t really want to say much more than that, but I definitely feel that, if ind right, he can be a remarkable character.”

Sefton Hill on Batman

“You never saw Bruce Wayne him or her self in the first game but I do feel that we still highlighted his character, and that’s also something we’d like to formulate for Arkham City, it’s something we’d like to develop for Arkham City. It’s really important to us that most people let the player feel the drive, motivation and origins of what makes Batman who he is. For us, that’s what Bruce Wayne needs. It’s not about being this unstoppable fighting machine; this’s about understanding why he’s doing this, and what his limits are. There are obviously a lot of things we would in the first game to show that psychological aspect of Batman, and show who this man behind the mask is. That;ersus something that we’ll continue in the game because it’vertisements something that really interests us. It differentiates Batman as a persona.”


Batman: Arkham City - Hugo Strange Trailer

Batman: Arkham City - Official Gameplay Trailer - This Ain't No Place for a Hero


Batman Arkham City No Multiplayer

IGN: Now, give us a Romantic days celebration gift and tell us SOMETHING about multiplayer. You know that the couple that plays together stays together – and that works for close friends or significant others. What's going on with multiple players in Arkham City? Co-op? competitive? We must know!

Sefton Hill: There have been a number of rumors circulating about a multiplayer mode in Superman: Arkham City so let me start by saying, once and for all, that Batman: Arkham City is a "single-player only" experience.

Our thought process behind this was fairly simple: when we investigated incorporating multiplayer we asked, "If we use all of the energy that's needed to create multiplayer and instead focus this on the single gambler, would that deliver a better overall game?"

With the game right now coming to the final stages, I can honestly say it would n't have been possible to deliver Arkham City the way we wanted in order to if we'd have added multiplayer.

So it might not be this fashionable choice, it might not get us an extra tick within the box, but we are convinced, and we hope that gamers will probably agree when they get to play the finished game, that we've got made the right decision.

We hope that you love Arkham Urban center. We're working as hard as we possibly can to deliver the experience you want.

Arkham city the Riddler's return

Riddle me this: What exactly good is an enigma if it can be solved?

The Riddler, the Dark Knight's foe who never showed his face throughout Batman: Arkham Asylum, is upping his game this fall. His past tactic of verbally assaulting Batman didn't come to much good around Arkham Asylum and like any worthy criminal, Riddler knows he has to escalate matters. He's raising the stakes in Arkham City and baring almost all a physical threat not only to Batman, but to innocent civilians.

In Arkham Asylum, Riddler trophies were found somewhat easily -- you just simply found them by spotting question marks painted on walls and ceilings. Things aren't as easy this time around. Though there are question marks viewable only in Detective Mode (Batman's version of x-ray vision), they often point in the direction of informants who know the nearby locations of Riddler trophies.

Source: All Video Games

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