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 Fallout 3

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 3   Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:08 pm

GTA fans will want to run me over with a Rhino after reading this, we are continually made aware of more development progress on this fantastic looking game, its looking more and more like a Game of the Year candidate for 2008. Of course, its 8 months pre-release, but you know. Ok, bring on that Rhino.

Developed by Bethesda (Elder Scrolls Oblivion), you can't help but notice and point out some shocking similarities between these two games. It looks like Fallout 3 might use a character creation system similar to the one in Oblivion, and furthermore, Bethesda has taken some character attributes straight from Oblivion (Endurance, Intelligence, Agility, Luck, Strength, etc) and are going to somehow implement them into Fallout.

The characters are supposed to be much more realistic than in Bethesda's last game, and 3rd person view will apparently be the main viewpoint throughout the game.

I've read that choices and decisions you make early on in the game will help or hinder you down the road later in the game. Within the first half hour of playing, you'll be faced with the biggest choice of any other video game... And at only a half hour into your game! You'll have the option to nuke the entire town of Megaton.. Or not. Megaton was built around an undetonated nuclear warhead. Yes, there is a massive atomic bomb chillin' at the center of town. You choose to either light the fuse, or let the people live. You nuke the town, and every quest you'd have gotten from inside the city is gone.

I'm looking forward to this just as much as GTA IV. That'll have to tide me over for a while. Fallout 3 is supposed to land on American soil this fall. Let's hope so. Waiting til spring of 2009 ..A WHOLE YEAR.. Just won't cut it.

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Fallout 3
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